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And so it begins… new year, new blog. My 15-month-old baby, asleep in my lap has cut off the circulation in the fingers of my right hand. Good thing I’m left-handed– ha! Take that, righties!

Seriously, though, what the hell am I talking about, anyway? Yes, I am left-handed, and it is a right-hand world, whether you’ve noticed or not. But I am a statistical outlier in many other ways. Societies preserve themselves by marginalizing and isolating outliers, cleaving to the middle of the bell curve. However, to be an outlier is not to be automatically flawed or afflicted in some way. I find myself frequently sorting out the difference between normal outlier and pathological behavior, for myself and for others. Most of what I’ll write about here will center around the way I do things, which tends to be differently than at least ninety percent of everyone around me. I’m neither proud nor ashamed; I simply am. And I’ve found along the way that when I’m honest about who I am, it helps others come closer to doing the same. So that’s what I’m after here: empowerment through sharing ideas and stories. May we all be liberated and free from suffering. Happy 2011!

p.s. I’m also participating in the WordPress post-a-week 2011 challenge. Week 1, check!


seeker, life learner, local food advocate, unabashed treehugger, herbalist, pontificator

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