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Ah, Issues of Worth, Hello Old Friends

So I know this mom. She’s actually an “irl” friend of mine. Turns out she blogs, and she wrote this really great post recently (no, I’m not going to link to it, because I’m too goddamned embarrassed, which will be put into context shortly). It’s not that it was earth-shattering content. In fact, it was pretty darned fluffy. But it was really a tight piece– well-crafted sentences, humorous use of capitalization, quotations set off by different paragraph style, great and relevant photos, links everywhere. And as it turns out, perhaps by virtue of that quotation, it got noticed and commented upon by the very person quoted! Now I am ridiculously envious. Pathetic. This post wasn’t about any deep revelations about the meaning of life or some shamanic insight into a client’s liver problems (just dandelion, milk thistle is too strong for you). But it was professional.

When do I get to sound like a professional? WHEN?? That is what I’m truly jealous of here: that special combination of know-how, time, and follow-through that produces a professional appearance. Sure, I know more photos and links and a slightly less self-absorbed tone would make a better blog, but I just don’t seem to have the time to really flesh out any of my ideas. I forget most of them, even my most inspired ones, before I get anywhere near a page. What’s worse, this mom I know has three kids like me, almost the same ages, and she homeschools. I do NOT have any more excuses. Apparently I am simply too lazy.


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