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One Unschooling Mom

As you might have guessed from my title, I am both mom and unschooler. And while there are loads and loads of unschooling moms out there, this story is just about me. It’s not even really about my kids, although they are supposedly the ones getting their education by way of unschooling. Unschooling is something that each family has to define for itself, and it looks different in every household that practices it. This blog is where I publicly pontificate, express joy and frustration (hopefully more of the former than the latter), sort out what I mean by what I’m doing and why, and occasionally rant about Things That Piss Me Off as pertains to this chaotic and often messy way of life I’m pursuing.

Change is challenging. As a mother, I’m relentlessly assaulted with choice after choice about how to raise and educate my kids. I evaluate each choice. I read a lot. Already…

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