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Two Days of Silence

See, I knew I needed to get ahead while I had the chance. No new words since Monday means I am now behind. I need 3336 words today to catch back up. Verily I say unto you, meh!

Please tell me to give up. Someone validate the critic in my head that says I can’t do this anyway so I should go ahead and save my energy for motherly duties like wiping noses and cleaning toilets and scolding small people. Never mind that my brain will go to mush on my steady diet of toddler-ese, kindergartener whining and Mexican stand-offs with the almost ten-year-old. I am already a failure, so why bother, right??



seeker, life learner, local food advocate, unabashed treehugger, herbalist, pontificator

4 thoughts on “Two Days of Silence

  1. Okay, quit. No, wait, don’t. Well, maybe do. Naw, it is a bad idea to quit.

    Hey girl, there is no quitting. Yeah, sometimes we want “out.” I want “out” a lot lately. A LOT! But i realized that if i opt out, i cld not pay my bills, touch my god, or find joy.

    Ok, so hate me now.

    Love you bunches, and please give me a quick ph call, I need to check in with you re something.

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