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Project Simplify: Week 4, Unfinished Projects

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, what the hell is this? It has been weeks since week 3, surely she was done already?! Alas, no. I have many excuses but I’ll spare you. Here is the Very Important Bottom Line: Sometimes it doesn’t matter when you finish, it just matters that you do finish. Get it? Yay!

So, truly, this final week was the reason I committed to doing all the Project Simplify weeks. Unfinished projects eat up valuable real estate in my brain. SERIOUSLY. It is an unfortunate addendum to my subclinical OCD (I’m not kidding about that, so don’t be insulted if you’ve got full-blown OCD of any variety, I feel for you deeply because sometimes this brain betrayal really sucks). I can’t forget these things that I’ve committed to, no matter how long it takes me to complete them. Example: I bought a tiara last weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival in part because I promised a picture of myself in a tiara to my dear teacher, Francesca De Grandis, about ten years ago. I bet she doesn’t even remember that promise, but I do! (The good news is, I finally found the right tiara! I cleaned my house wearing it! Yay!)

But enough of that. You want pictures, right?! Well, here ya go!

Sweet Sally… she’s a leopard gecko, and just not prone to complaining, but her aquarium was desperately overdue for a cleaning…

Sally's aquarium, before
Sally’s aquarium, before

I took everything out and washed it, then refilled with fresh sand and clean accessories. She was diggin’ it!


fresh and clean!
fresh and clean!

I also had a bookshelf to put together to help with the Boy Room Chaos. What Boy Room Chaos? THIS!

Boy Room Chaos, take 1
Boy Room Chaos, take 1
Boy Room Chaos, take 2
Boy Room Chaos, take 2

I think the shelf helped:

Chaos contained!
Chaos contained!

It certainly relieved some pressure here:

Hey, it's still a boy's room. okay?
Hey, it’s still a boy’s room. okay?

With that, my work here is complete. Now I just need to take that picture wearing the tiara…






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