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Blocking the Door

The only person standing in your way is you.

This is by no means news. But sometimes a concept that has been rattling around in your head will abruptly drop itself into your gut, WHAM, and your breath is knocked out of you by the force of finally “getting it.” That’s me, and that sentence, this morning.

I am, whether by nature or obsession, a seeker. I can’t turn it off (I’ve tried), and I concluded some time ago that I don’t need to. I read, study, investigate, pontificate. I feel chronically on the brink of enlightenment. Just one more process… almost there…

Nope. It’s a labyrinth up here in my head, and all this striving toward leads me away. What is blocking me?


Isn’t there some ancient proverb about “Stop seeking without what can only be found within”? If not, I am totally claiming that one 🙂 Time to go sit, and be.


seeker, life learner, local food advocate, unabashed treehugger, herbalist, pontificator

2 thoughts on “Blocking the Door

  1. Interesting… I’m a seeker too. Maybe it’s that we have to stop seeking before we can find what we’re looking for, something like that. Just let it come to us if it’s meant to, rather than trying to make it happen.

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