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The Eye of the Storm, or Jeff Corwin’s Foot

Last week I took the kids to see the premier of a new IMAX movie, Galapagos 3D. Jeff Corwin narrates this film and was at the IMAX theater in Chattanooga to introduce it. After the movie, he shared an experience he had while researching in those islands. He had been swimming with penguins, got cold, and climbed out of the water. A Sally Lightfoot crab crawled onto his foot and began nibbling at the dead skin flaking off of his toes, only to be snatched off and eaten moments later by an octopus… life doing what life does, revolving for those few minutes around Jeff Corwin’s foot. Seriously, no one could make this stuff up.

Moments like this seem to float outside of time, paused, as the rest of the universe, hinged on that point, revolves and swirls around it. The eye of the storm. How many moments like this do we get? I find myself considering what tools to employ to notice and really immerse in more of these moments. Surely we swim in a river of these moments, but how does a fish notice the water? This story sounds rather exceptional, but so are our ordinary moments, when viewed through the right lens, the lens of awareness.

How do you shift your focus to notice the extraordinary, the exquisite, in the ordinary? How do you change your lens?



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5 thoughts on “The Eye of the Storm, or Jeff Corwin’s Foot

  1. I think that first you have to slow down. Way, way down. From what I can tell, busyness is like a competitive sport- people complain about it, but in a proud way. You can only notice the moments when your mind is attentive, when you’re not impatient and rushed, when there is nothing else you’d rather be doing. It’s a cultivated practice, for sure. But I think kids are naturally very good at it and it’s a shame that so many of them aren’t allowed to have that kind of time any more.

    Very cool that you met Jeff Corwin! The movie sounds great 🙂

    1. Spot-on as always Miriam! It’s funny how hard I’ve worked to create space for that slowness in my life, yet getting my mind on board is a whole other beastie 😉

  2. Great blog, I hope a lot of people see it. I will not say how I notice the moments, bc you’ve spent years studying that with me. I will simply say that you are one of the people who truly does notice them, in all their depths and profound implications, bless your brilliant spirit. Love and hugs.

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